Top 5 Day Trips from Dublin

Jacobs Inn 5 Top Day Trips

These can be easily organised via our friendly experienced Receptionists.

You have finally arrived in the Green Isle! If you are only here for a couple of days or longer, there are still opportunities for you to get out of Dublin . Even on the tightest budget, there is an option for everyone. Here  are  Jacobs Inn Top 5 day trips From Dublin as picked by Martina

Cliffs of Moher & Galway 

This is my personal favourite! This day is a long one and the memories will last forever. Early start but if the need is there, you can sleep on the bus at the start of the trip! This may be your only opportunity. After arriving in Galway via the motorway, you will have to keep your eyes peeled and your ears open. Galway, Galway, Galway…everyone on the planet loves this enchanting city if they have had the pleasure to have been there. You will receive a free walking tour of the city that is filled with anecdotes of Irish History, and my god the Irish are the best at storytelling. You will drive through the west of the country passing enchanting ruins, castles and lighthouses and on to the Cliffs of Moher . The west is the best, I challenge you to disagree. A huge coastal drive, there is no rugged coastline like in Ireland.

The Burren National Park has an unique and wonderful landscape which was helped by volcanic rearrangement. Thanks nature! I haven’t even mentioned the Cliffs of Moher yet!  Just one of those wonders that leaves you realising how tiny and fragile you are in the world. For the daring: you can actually stand on the edge the Cliffs of Moher and have an adrenaline rush bolt through your body. Just make sure which way the wind is blowing please! Fantastic trip, there are also opportunities to stay over in Galway and hitch a ride home the next day with the same bus for no extra charge (except accommodation) Please ask us at the desk for more info.

Giants Causeway via Belfast

Some of you night not have the time to go to the North of Ireland but would like to see it. Well is is possible to do in a day trip. Visit Belfast jump in a black taxi and get the guided political tour of the history of the North. Or you have the choice as part of the tour to see the new Titanic Museum. The rest of the day is filled with an exceptional coastal drive that is entirely different to the west that it makes it hard for you to decide a favorite. The Giants Causeway is a phenomenon that is hard to explain and just needs to be seen. I’m sure the scientists could explain it to you. But I’m a romantic at heart, I’m just there for the sheer beauty of this scenery.

Glendalough and the Wicklow Mountains

Glendalolugh- an easy day trip from Jacobs Inn Dubln

Glendalolugh- an easy day trip from Jacobs Inn Dublin

Lakes, mountains, waterfalls, castles, caves and medieval cities? If that is your kind of magic then consider a day trip to the famous locations of Hollywood classic film locations for (Brave heart and PS I love you to name a few) In scenery like this I’m sure if you listen carefully you can hear famous poets and writers of the past reciting the wisdom they had just created. Their whispers in the wind still echoing in the distance.

Martina x