The sun is out ( well it was) …Get yea to Howth !

The sun is out, get out of bed.


Forget your hangover – the sun is out! Get out of bed and follow this itinerary for a little  day trip to Howth from Dublin ! Don’t worry, there will be a cure on the way. Emails, tweets and Facebook ‘love’ can wait. Don’t waste the morning looking at everyone else enjoying their day, just get on with yours.

First cure: breakfast. You probably slept through our free breakfast (it’s okay, it happens) but just next door to our hostel there is a café that will fix you a Full Irish Breakfast to line the stomach for your next day of survival in our brutal drinking city! Before the food coma presents itself, jump on the Luas tram, 30 seconds walk from Isaacs Hostel. Go to Heuston Station, walk into Phoenix Park and snooze in this glorious park. No better place to be lazy and feel sorry for yourself (guilt free).

Feeling better now, aren’t you? Building a thirst, aren’t you? Not yet, but soon, you will have permission to engage in our finest creamy goodness. Get back on the Luas and head back to Connolly Station and jump onto the DART. Catch the train to Howth. This little fishing village will not disappoint you. Only 20 minutes from the city and you are in picturesque Ireland. For those of you that do not have the time to do a full day tour to the west coast (which is highly recommend btw) this will satisfy the eye and the soul. First port of call: stroll around the rugged coast line to the lighthouse. Take big deep breaths of fresh air, this will inflate your rather deflated brain cells from last night’s shenanigans. Please focus! Do NOT walk into the first pub you see. I repeat Do NOT walk into the first pub you see.

Let’s get you earning your first pint! Look above, do you see the summit? Yes, you are…you are doing it! It’s worth it! Walk along the top. Imagine yourself as a small pixel on google maps and realise you are in fecken Ireland. Pat yourself on the back for not sleeping the day way with yet another hangover!

Okay, its time! Beer 0’clock. Last one down puts the pints on. Many cosy pubs to choose from, and no need to only pick one. Last train home is 5 minutes before midnight and the fairy tale ends. You will have had enough photos and great Irish craic to upload onto your Facebook page to turn all your friends green with envy!